Why You Need a Cohesive Event Sales Team

I am super excited to continue my conversation about Nightmares from the Back of the Room. This is a series I started to talk about challenges, issues, and things that I have seen that have gone catawampus at the back of the room. Particularly by the sales team at a multi-day event (sometimes it’s a one day but usually it’s a multi-day event). The purpose of the event is to ultimately enroll people in a program, product, or service.

Last week, I talked about Their Dirty Little Secret in terms of people that use manipulative tactics to move people to yes (so check out that awesome video). Today, I want to talk about your team and why it’s important to have a cohesive sales team. When I say cohesive, it is a team that comes together (maybe they already work together) and they know how to come in and be a cohesive part/extension of the event brand. They understand who ideal clients are for different programs or products that are being sold at the event and it is a seamless transition. What we don’t want to happen (in which I often see) is the hodgepodge team. This occurs when you start pulling this person from over here, this person from over there, and maybe (for the love of God, right) they will come together and be a part of my event to sell people into a program.

Here is what I’m seeing. They don’t understand the brand, so they don’t always understand what it is, or how to really be a seamless part of the event. They sometimes don’t even know what the heck is going on, so there’s a lack of communication leading up to the event. That’s not always the sales team’s fault but that’s part of what happens when you have that whole hodgepodge thing. Do they really know what they’re selling and who they are selling it to?

Here’s one of the big things that I wanted to talk about and that is many times when you pull in this hodgepodge team of this person from over here, this person from over there, and your girlfriend from 17 years ago to be your support at the event, it is limited and/or conditional. Let me state that one more time; support is either limited and/or conditional.

This means that you’re not really getting all that you could from having a powerful sales team. If you’re going to go through the effort of having a sales team, it would behoove you to really put some time, thought, and energy in preparing them to be the best at what they do at that event. That also means it would be nice to have people to actually do this on a regular basis.

This is one of the many reasons that clients bring me and my team into events because we work together, know what it is, know how to be at an event, how to create the energy and atmosphere, how to be that seamless part of the event (an extension of the client’s brand and values), and move people to yes. We also understand and do not use any of those manipulative tactics to move people to that yes. This reduces or eliminates any type of refund request or any of that stuff that happens to negatively impact the amazing results we were able to create at said event.

One of the things that our team loves to do is come in and start connecting people before the event and also after the event because we understand that sales begin before the event and they continue after the event. We’re not just focused on however many days that event is and getting things done. That’s why it’s really important as you’re looking at your events or looking at even incorporating events into your business and your overall sales strategy, that you look to build a cohesive sales team.

It is so important because I see where people are like, “I’m here really as part of the sales team, but I’m really only here for me. I’m looking to either get notoriety or at how I can grow my own business. I’m out here connecting with people and I don’t care what my contract says, I’m out here looking at how I can use this opportunity to move my business forward. I’m really not concerned as much as I could be or should be about enrolling people into this program.”

I’ve seen it happen time and time again. Or, “I know that I should probably continue some of these conversations post-event but I’m only in it for me. So outside of these two to five days (whatever that time limit is) I’m not that committed.” You have to look at this conditional and/or limited type support that you’re getting when you’re just pulling these hodgepodge people in and they’re not really as committed as you need them to be or even desire them to be for your event.

As you’re looking at building your sales team, having a cohesive team is so important, as is taking the time to make sure they are prepared, that they are in alignment with your brand, and they really understand what’s happening. More important, that they’re committed to supporting you and not out to get what they want or see what’s in it for them. It needs to be a win-win to look at that partnership and understand how that’s going to impact your event and your business.

That is tip number two from Nightmares from the Back of the Room, people are just in it for themselves. They have very limited or conditional type support, and they’re not really that committed beyond whatever they have in their mind to really helping you move this event or even the right sales forward in the right way.