Where Do I Begin?

Perhaps my very favorite aspect of what I do is getting the opportunity to talk to a lot of small business owners. While their passions and professions vary, their challenges are often similar. One of the questions I get most is: why does my sales system not seem to be working, despite having done all the right things?

The answer may lie in the very beginning of your sales process, which is your lead qualification. If you’re not sure where to begin improving your sales system and processes, this episode of Straight Talk About Sales is for you

3 Key Takeaways

1. Consider How You Qualify Your Leads: Many business owners are stuck on the misconception that they have to go out and get all the leads. Newsflash: this is a quick way to burn out. Take time to really examineyour client journey – especially how you’re qualifying your leads before getting to the sales conversation step. An easy way to start is to implement a questionnaire on your website that will provide some background information, helping you weed out those who are actually a good fit for your services. When you’re focused solely on qualified leads, you’re more likely to make the sale – and with less work.

2. Get Clear: You’re so immersed in your business that you could describe your services in your sleep. But are your customers clear on what you do? When having sales conversations, remember that prospects are ultimately focused on what’s in it for them. Make sure you’re communicating in a way they understand (leave the professional jargon for your industry peers!) and clearly making the connection between the products and services you provide and how they can either offer prospects something they desire or address a problem they’re experiencing.

3. Change Your Mindset: Sales is too often focused on the end goal of making money. If this is the mindset you have when going into your sales conversations, you’re likely hurting how you relate to your prospects. Instead, work on positioning yourself and your team as strategic allies or trusted advisors. When prospects feel like you have their best interests at heart and are being honest with them (even at the expense of a sale), they’re much more likely to work with you now or in the future. 

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