Spring Cleaning: Out with Old Mindsets

Spring has sprung! You may or may not know this about me, but spring is my second favorite season. I just love all the possibility that comes with times of transition – and I hope you’ll capitalize on the perfect time to make some strategic changes, too.

This month, I’ll be doing a series on spring cleaning for your business. Of course, we’ll focus on the logistical stuff like sprucing up your email contact list and opt-ins, but I wanted to start with something more foundational: mindset. Your mindset is such a huge factor in your success in all aspects of your business, but especially your ability to close sales and the type of prospects you attract. 

If you feel like your sales conversations haven’t been going quite the way you want them to, it might be time to dust out some of the mental cobwebs that could be holding you back. Grab a pen and paper, and let’s get started!

Three Key Takeaways

1. Where did this thought come from? Negative thoughts don’t just come out of nowhere; they’re a product of all our experiences. Start by asking: Where did these thoughts come from? Did I experience trauma that causes me to think this way? Once you’ve identified the root of these thoughts, you’ll be able to address the true issue at hand to successfully reframe the narratives you’ve been telling yourself.

2. Is it true? Especially as we become seasoned sales professionals, we have the tendency to get so caught up in the stories we’ve been telling ourselves that reality and fiction become indistinguishable. So, ask yourself: are the stories I’ve been telling myself even true? Chances are, they’re not. It’s much easier to dismiss negative thoughts when you realize they aren’t based in reality but are a product of your insecurities (or perhaps, overconfidence).

3. What is my truth that I’d like to see? Once you’ve debunked false truths, it’s time to create a new, empowering narrative around yourself and your clients! What truth would you like to become your reality? Really envision it. Your new mindset and approach should be framed around this new truth.

Additional Resources

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