Podcasting & Selling Like a Lady: It’s Time to Disrupt Sales

La’Vista Jones, CEO and Founder of 31 Marketplace and host of the podcast BOSS™ Talk takes over my mic and turns the interview on ME for this season finale episode! 

Not only is La’Vista a colleague of mine in the marketplace, by supporting my podcast,  she is also my friend who knows me well and wanted to dig into the launch of two very significant beacons for my business as we wrap up the season of Straight Talk About Sales…and who is Dr. Spice??

Being On the Other Side of the Mic

La’Vista Jones  00:00

Question. Hi, this is La’Vista Jones with a special edition of Straight Talk About Sales with Dr. Nadia. This is actually a boss talk takeover of another podcast. I am sitting here with the actual host of straight talk about cells, the one and only Dr. Nadia Brown. Welcome to your own show.

Dr. Nadia Brown  00:27

Thank you. It’s interesting to be on this side of the mic. Yes. Well,

La’Vista Jones  00:30

you have been on the side of the mic a lot as guests but never on your own show. True. Yes. Yeah, this is a first this is a first. And interestingly enough, today, the day that we are actually recording this is actually international podcasting. So we had an idea of doing something together. Because I really would love to share with your audience some of the back ins and outs of your show, especially wrapping up the first season of straight talk about sales. So let’s get into it. Dr. Nadia, what was it or what was the trigger? Or what was the thing that was like, oh, podcasting is for me, like, this is what I want to do to create this show. What was it? 

What was the Trigger to Creating a Podcast

Dr. Nadia Brown  01:26

Well, there were actually a couple of different factors. So like you mentioned, I’ve been a podcast guest. And at one point, I think I was doing guest interviews, like, twice, two or three times a month. And so it’s like, why aren’t you doing your own show. And then I was also doing YouTube, where I was recording content weekly at one point. And so a big push, though, for making this happen was actually a conversation with you.

Dr. Nadia Brown  01:57

And you were like, uh, you know, we could put this on a podcast, but I think the biggest block was all the extra work. And I was like, I already have enough on my plate. And it just seemed like it was just way too much. But after our conversation, it was a lot more doable. But all the extra work though, went to your team. So that’s why we now let’s be all the way honest, I don’t do any extra work as a result of having it.

La’Vista Jones  02:23

I love that you don’t do any extra work. Yeah, like that’s a goal that we have. We work with the client. So I’m glad that you don’t feel like you have like homework, you know, coming from being the host of your own show. So let me ask you this, like, now that you are ready to wrap up, you’d like your first full season. What do you wish you had known prior to actually getting started?

What I Wish I Had Known

Dr. Nadia Brown  02:47

I think I wish I would have known how easy it was because to me, you know how you make up those stories in your mind about how much it’s gonna be. And even after we had our conversation and did our, when you map things out, it still took me months to pull the trigger. I think you literally had to call me like, girl, pick a date. We’re gonna go last or launch date, right? And it was like, oh, and then when we got in it, it was like, Oh, now it’s like, why didn’t I do this sooner?

La’Vista Jones  03:16

Okay, so, greatest lesson learned from having the show, having the team supporting you?

Greatest Lesson From Having a Team Support You

Dr. Nadia Brown  03:24

I think the biggest lesson is the team part, you know, like you sometimes we do, we have a new idea. And we don’t pull the trigger on it. Because we feel like it’s a lot more work for us. But when you have a team to support you, then it allows you to implement new things. And one of the bigger reasons was that we talked about the podcast was just so I could reach more listeners, you know, doing what I was already doing. And so because we went to a big thing was just like, how do I grow my audience? And how do I have a bigger impact and you will get a podcast?

La’Vista Jones  03:59

The podcast provides. Now speaking of work, right, like, you know, we’ve established that the show itself does not work additional work for you. But I know something that has been working for you is your newest book. So at first just tell the audience, your audience, about your newest book project that is now out in the marketplace available for people to purchase, read and get their lives together from a sales perspective on my office resource.

Dr. Nadia Brown  04:33

So the title of the book is Sell Like A Lady: How to Master Sales with Dignity, Class and Grace. And it’s really a conversation around shifting their perspective on sales. And not having it be this icky sleazy, manipulative, crappy conversation to something that we can do. And be ourselves, be authentic. Although I know that word is overused these days, but you know, really just show up I get Shope is me. And I get to serve as I would naturally serve and work in my business and sales, and be able to grow my business. And so I think that a lot of times, we feel like we have to shift who we are in order to be good salespeople. And that’s not true.

La’Vista Jones  05:14

Got it? Now, correct me if I’m wrong, do you have additional resources other than just the books, so tell your listeners, what resources are out there that actually are, you know, computing resources for the book itself.

Additional Resources to the Book

Dr. Nadia Brown  05:26

So we have the companion journal. And a big part of that is that, you know, you can relate your writing this book, and I find myself, go grab your journal and answer these questions. I do this. And I was like, Well, why don’t we create a journal. So that’s how you have a journal, because it’s a lot of emotion, and a lot of things and a lot of mindsets that I want you to work through so that you can actually shift them to have a mindset that’s actually working for you and not against you. And then we have our revised courage diary to courage, it’s actually been out in the marketplace for five years, hard to believe that. And the courage has always been about being able to track your sales conversations, starting to pay attention to certain trends. And a big one is also the emotions, the things that are coming up, is kind of like having a sales coach in a book, because it’s really inviting you to do a debrief after every single sales conversation. And then you can go back and see, you know, how did it go? Did I feel like it went, Well, what are things that I would have done wanted to do differently. And now you have this resource, and it’s in writing. And so you can start to see those trends and see where your strengths are, and where you may find some weaknesses.

La’Vista Jones  06:39

I love that now, you talked about emotion, right? A few times talking about journaling it right, doing that introspection, doing that with the courage diary, as well. What would you say is probably like the top emotion that you hear clients, you know, give you feedback on like, Oh, this is how I felt when I was doing this call, maybe like, what’s the top one? Fear? Fear?

Dr. Nadia Brown  07:01

Fear, fear of rejection? What if they say no? I’m like, It’s okay. If they say no.

La’Vista Jones  07:08

So what’s your approach to them saying that, right? Because I think that you take a very different approach to sales as a whole than I have ever been taught with sales, right, coming from like a corporate background, you know, doing some retail work, where it’s just like, you know, sales is like a big deal. No, it’s not an option. Because you’ve got goals, you need to make quotas, you need to make those kinds of things. How do you teach us differently, right about getting those knows

Dr. Nadia Brown  07:37

when No, is not the end of the world? I think you’ve mentioned it, and is one of the reasons why when I shifted into doing this work, I was like, We got to change this whole conversation around sales. Because one knows not the end of the world. So no, today doesn’t mean No, forever. And sometimes no is the best answer. Like, you know, I talked about how your job as a salesperson is to really get someone to a buying decision. But sometimes the best decision is no, they’re not a good fit is not the right time, you know, but how you treat them throughout that conversation, because it still benefits you. But it’s just you know, I think when you go into a sales conversation that right, gotta get it. Yes. And by any means necessary. That’s where you start to really get in trouble.

La’Vista Jones  08:19

Got it. I love there. So you are totally helping us to disrupt what we have previously been taught.

Dr. Nadia Brown  08:26

Yes, sales. Yes. It’s not only about closing the sale is really about serving the person that’s right there in front of you got

La’Vista Jones  08:34

it. Now that we have this book, and we’ve got the journal, and we’ve got the courage diary, tell us will we be hearing any kind of different content that’s like tied to those resources on the show itself?

Dr. Nadia Brown  08:48

Actually, yes, I think if you’d asked me this question last week, you might have gotten a different answer. But after we did our live stream and released a book, it was just like, and some of the feedback I’ve been getting from the audience is like, oh, my gosh, you know, I really want to hear more, or I really enjoy hearing about the differences between how women or men may sail, and you know, really starting to talk more about understanding buying cycles and things like that is the time I was probably gonna say, no, that’s just kind of like how it is, but give the people what they want. So yeah, we’ll be talking about that. And then also, spoiler alert. So like late is going to be a series so there’s more content to come. So I think the podcasts are a great place to start talking about and teasing out some of that content as we get the other books written.

La’Vista Jones  09:37

I love that and I mean, me and my team, we get to hear everything first.

Dr. Nadia Brown  09:44

He’s probably older taking notes.

La’Vista Jones  09:47

You get to see all of the goodness that is like getting ready to drip out into the marketplace. I cannot wait. So to build up that anticipation, what can the listeners expect going into season two?

What To Expect in Season Two

Dr. Nadia Brown  10:02

So season two, I would really like to talk, one, about the book. And really, let’s talk more about being disruptive. I think that it’s time for me to try that out a little bit more, you know, because when you hear dignity, class or grace, and you think about sales, like it’s almost like those two things don’t go together. And so I want to talk more about that more about the challenges that we particularly as women have, when it comes to sales, but also how we can tap into our innate superpowers to really grow our businesses and do it in a way that feels good and aligns with our values, and is still allowing us to serve our clients.

La’Vista Jones  10:45

superpowers, so I feel like season two, we’re going to see more of one of your alter egos. Dr. Spice. Oh, yeah. I cannot wait for people to know. Dr. Space. Yes, talk. Yeah, a disruptor in the marketplace. Yeah. Awesome. So with that, Nadia, I would love for you to, you know, sign off on your own show. Thank you for allowing me an opportunity to just kind of come over and take over for a few moments to just talk to you with your audience. Give them a bit of insight as to what is coming up and what you have learned in your time of you know, talking to them on the podcast so far. So with that, thank you for the opportunity and it’s all yours.

Dr. Nadia Brown  11:35

Thank you, La’Vista. So as we are wrapping up season one, thank you so much for joining me and this is Dr. Nadia with straight talk about sales. I’ll see you next season.