Looking Forward to The Next 5 Years

As I celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and other milestone moments at this stage in my life, I often find myself taking the time to look back and reflect. Last week, celebrating The Doyenne Agency’s five-year anniversary since we made the pivot into sales support, I recounted some of the most important lessons learned during this iteration of the agency so far.

With looking back, I also wanted to look forward into the next five years to set some goals for myself and my team and be intentional about continuing to learn and grow. Here are some of the key things I’d like to accomplish before we celebrate ten years.

3 Key Takeaways

1. Have a greater impact. During a recent podcast interview, I discussed how money is almost never the #1 motivator for women small business owners. Making money always falls somewhere on the priority list but usually trails behind impact: the desire to do a certain thing, fill a certain gap, or serve a certain population. The same is true for me. As I move into year six and beyond, I’ve been thinking about the ways I can make a greater impact, not only right now in my community and for the population I serve but also in terms of leaving a lasting legacy. In particular, it’s so important for me to be a role model to my daughter and to show her that she has choices – whether that be taking over the agency one day, starting her own business, or something else entirely.

2. Write more books. Books are yet another excellent way to serve and connect with people. Writing my new book Sell Like a Lady (launching in September!) has reminded me how much I love to write and what an impact it can make. SLAL won’t be the last book in my future. I’ll be over here with a pen and paper scrawling away!

3. Step more fully into the vision. Creating jobs was one of the big goals that I set out as part of my vision when we made the pivot to a sales agency. But as I opened up about last week, there’s been a lot of anxiety and uncertainty around when and how exactly to do that. As we turn five, I recommit to creating more jobs and continuing to grow the team so we can expand our impact and the amount of people we’re able to serve. I’ve also been talking to my current team about ways I can remove myself from the equation to focus on other projects that will continue pushing us further.

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Same great content, new schedule! Stay tuned for our new podcast and accompanying blog content launching on July 7th.

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