Do Less, Be More

When sitting down with my mentor last week, I had some time to pause and really consider what’s coming up for me in my business right now. One thing that’s been on my mind lately is how small business owners – myself included – can easily fall into a grind mentality and forget to prioritize time to simply be. Pausing with my mentor and gaining a fresh insight again helped me put into perspective how important taking that time away can be.

In this episode of Straight Talk About Sales, I discuss why just “being” is so important and provide some tips for cutting out the time and perspective you need to make your downtime as beneficial as possible, both personally and professionally.

3 Key Takeaways

1. Create time to just breathe & think. As small business owners, we have a seemingly never-ending to-do list at any given time. With so many tasks to take care of, it can be easy to feel guilty for not being “productive” and let other aspects of life fall by the wayside. Setting aside dedicated time to simply breathe and think – even if it’s just a few minutes a couple times a week – will help you feel more grounded and recharged and allow you to come to work with a clear head. It also creates space for new ideas and insights!

2. Hire a mentor or coach in a different industry. That time to breathe and think doesn’t have to be done alone – it can also take the form of brainstorming with a trusted contact. When searching for your next coach or mentor, consider working with someone who comes from a different industry than you. They’ll more than likely have new insights and perspectives that might be exactly what you need to feel refreshed and keep pushing forward.

3. Do less…be more. Step off the hamster wheel! This month, I challenge you to renew your commitment to self-care – to do less and be more. Taking time to unplug and fill yourself up will not only provide you with more energy to dedicate to other aspects of your life (being a spouse, mother, friend, etc.) but will also allow you to show up at 100% when you are dedicating your energy to your business.

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