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A 3-Part Live Training Event

For the service based entrepreneur that is ready to level up their results and create consistent $10K+ months.
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Have you been struggling for some time to create consistent five-figure months?

Are you avoiding up-leveling your life and business because you are too afraid it will fall apart, or you feel like you don’t have the time?

Has it gotten to the point where you don’t even know where to begin?


The Courageous Sales Masterclass training was created to support you in expediting your results.

In this 3 part masterclass training you will breakthrough any mindset blocks that are holding you back from selling, pricing your services so that you make real profits, and learn why you don’t need a sales script to have high converting sales calls.

Are you ready? Learn more about each session below:

Session One


In this 45 minute masterclass you will discover:

  • Where your mindset is holding you back from closing sales and get the strategies to overcome those mindset blocks.
  • How to build up your sales courage so that you aren’t afraid of having enrollment conversations.
  • The #1 mindset shift you need to make in order to improve your sales approach and generate more revenue
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Session Two


In this 45 minute masterclass you will discover:

  • How to price your programs and services to avoid burnout
  • Why you need to price your services so that you can afford to scale your business and hire a team with ease.
  • 3 crucial keys to pricing your services courageously.
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Session Three


In this 45 minute masterclass you will discover:

  • How to overcome your fear of the sales conversation and show up fully and confidently.
  • Why a sales script may be holding you back from having high converting sales conversations.
  • What to say during your courageous sales conversation so that you powerfully guide your prospect to a buying decision.
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I made nearly $9,000 from a single talk that I gave after my VIP session with Dr. Nadia. Her training and guidance was a game changer for my business.

~Clarissa Sparks
Branding Strategist

Dr. Nadia is able to laser focus in on the problem. After my first call, I was able to close more than $105,000 in sales from my live event, the following week, with less than 15 attendees! I was amazed at how easy and natural she made the process. If she can do that with one call, imagine the difference she can make in a year.

~ A.J. Vassar
Leverage Partners


About Dr. Nadia Brown

My name is Dr. Nadia Brown and I am the CEO of The Doyenne Agency and we specialize in helping clients have the courageous sales conversations needed to create consistent cash flow in their businesses.

We help our service-based clients increase their sales results by teaching them and their teams how to lead sales conversations, adjust their pricing and create deep relationships with prospects and clients.

Our clients have credited us directly for raising their rates, decreasing their refund requests, and doubling or even tripling their annual revenue.

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