Want help achieving more-than-enough revenue, month after month?

I’ll help you make the decisions to make it happen at Convert Lab


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Convert Lab

June 22 – 24, 2022

(9:00 am – 4:00 pm PT each day)


Hello, smart self-employed professional…

Maybe you have great months when you make lots of money, but then the next month your revenue dips. Maybe you’ve noticed gaps in your process of connecting with people and inviting them to work with you. Or maybe you just want to feel more natural, confident, and at-ease when speaking with potential clients and talking money!

All of these goals share the same starting place: you need to step back and make clear DECISIONS about your sales experience and sales process.

In other words: more-than-enough revenue comes when you tighten up your sales game.

There is absolutely ZERO need to squander your precious time and energy trying to “figure it out” by yourself. I’ve got a better idea! Come to the Convert Lab and I will guide you through the key decisions and map out your complete, personalized sales system for your business. Let this be your “How I Started Making More-Than-Enough” moment!

A classy, human sales process that plays to your strengths.


My years of being a sales person and sales trainer have taught me that there are 6 key elements to every successful sales experience for you and your clients.

But let me be very clear – it’s not about everyone doing the SAME thing. It’s about you doing YOUR thing, in a way that is in sync with your beliefs and core values. When you make clear decisions about these six things, you’ll become clear, confident, and relaxed… because you will know in your bones that your sales game is tight and you are at the top of your game.

So THIS is what we will do together at Convert Lab. I will walk you through a complete evaluation, assessment, and improvement of how people buy from you and benefit from your good work. I will help you surface what you care about and why it matters to you. And then we will design YOUR unique sales system AROUND THAT.

You’ll walk away feeling clear, confident, and knowing that opportunities are no longer falling through those pesky cracks, because we’ve handled it!



The Convert Lab Experience

      Convert Lab is our high touch three-day virtual intensive where:

      You’ll be guided through an inventory the six aspects of your sales process -- your offers, pricing, qualified client profile, sales conversation guide, key metrics, and strategy – to get a baseline for what you’re doing now.
      Then Dr. Nadia will guide you as you step back and look at the “big picture” so you can see what’s working and what needs to work better.
      Then you’ll roll up your sleeves and get to work. Dr. Nadia will guide you as you make decisions about your sales system based on your personal values, visions, and goals.
      Based on what you need to create more-than-enough revenue, Dr. Nadia will create personalized recommendations to fill in the gaps in your system or make something that is not working so well work a whole lot better (for example, customizing your referral program or working up a draft of key talking points for your sales conversation guide). This is powerhouse collaboration at its finest – and most valuable!
      You’ll walk away with your complete, custom sales system that’s implementation-ready

          We intentionally keep each Convert Lab intimate and small so each business owner gets plenty of time, space, and personal attention.

          This isn’t about getting everybody the SAME sales system. This is about getting YOU clear about what YOUR sales system needs to evolve into so that you can get that juicy more-than-enough revenue flowing in your door every month!


          The Convert Lab Schedule


          Before You Show Up


          You’ll complete and return a pre-lab Assessment so Nadia can understand your unique situation, gaps in your sales system, and goals


          To get the most strategy and personal attention when we are together, you’ll watch Foundations and Key Sales Concepts Refresher training video on your own (runtime 60 minutes)


          You’ll be guided to think about what you plan to present about your business when we are together, so you get the feedback and answers you’re looking for to achieve more-than-enough revenue month after month


          Day One – Add Clear, Compelling Value


          Play to Your Strengths

          Taking a strengths-based approach to your sales system, we’ll assess your unique talents and strengths. This forms the basis for all the decisions you’ll make about the rest of your sales system!


          How You Work With Clients

          With your strengths fresh in our minds, we’ll review and evaluate your offers and services. We’ll make sure the ways you work provide clear value and benefits, feel good to you to deliver, and feel generous and perfect to your clientele.


          Your Rates and Pricing

          Now that we know your strengths and the ways you work with your clients, it’s time to evaluate -- and possibly reset – your rates. We’ll take into account your values, experience, level of service, and what feels right to you and for your clientele.


          Day Two – Connect with Your People


          Craft Your Message

          We begin our second day together knowing your strengths, your work, and your prices… so now we’ll craft a marketing message. Let’s get you clear language to talk about what you do so that people get it – and want to pay for it!


          Qualify Your Leads

          With all the buzz and interest that will come from your compelling fresh marketing message, you’ll need a simple, clear way to qualify who makes a great client for you and who would be better served by a referral.


          Conversation Guide

          You don’t need a sales script – but it is quite useful to have a roadmap of how to lead conversations that close sales with prospective clients. We’ll map that out together, and you’ll be amazed at how it all comes together after all the great decisions you’ve made!


          Day Three – Integrate and Implement


          Putting it all together

          With all the deciding and clearing that we have done so far, you’re going to have woken up with a feeling of relief and excitement – and probably some new ideas and questions, too. We’ll take time to refine and fine tune all the great work you’ve done so far, so you feel absolutely great about the changes you’re about to implement in your sales system.


          How Leads and Clients Move Through Your Work

          We’ll map out the flow of how prospects hear about you and how they move through your sales pipeline, relationship nurture process, and after they become paying clients, your client journey. The clarity here will set you free!


          Your 90-Day Plan

          As we wrap up our time together at Convert Lab, Nadia will help you create a 90-day plan for what you are going to work on once you leave. If you have a team, this plan will be ready to hand over to them for implementation. If it’s you who will do the implementation, you’ll have a step-by-step plan for what you need to do and in what order (and if you want Nadia’s help as you implement, we can talk about our nine-month incubator program, too!).

          What’s the investment? You’ve got two options:

          Considering joining me for Convert Lab?

          Cool beans!

          Because this is a small and intimate event, I want us to talk first so I can hear more about your situation, values, and goals and answer any questions you may have. Note: I don’t believe in (nor do I train people to do) high-pressure sales, so you can expect this to be an open, frank, and exploratory conversation where you get my undivided attention and I do my very best to understand what you need and want.

          And if, at the end of our conversation, you’d like to come to Convert Lab, we can talk about that, too. I look forward to connecting!

          Let's talk



          “Convert Lab was the best investment I made when I was finalizing the pivot of my business. I had already worked through my sales offerings with my business coach, but they were falling flat. Working directly with Dr. Nadia during the lab, we took a different approach to the offerings and the price point. It finally clicked and I found my confidence, which I realized was the missing piece. I walked away with actionable steps to create a consistent sales system. Dr. Nadia made sure I had all the pieces I needed to move forward and made the act of selling doable and dare I say, easy.”


          Connie Vanderzanden

          Cash Flow & Business Mentor

          “After working with Dr. Nadia, I not only walked away with a clear and focused offer, but I also walked away with the confidence to have sales conversations where the investment for my program was far greater than it had ever been before.”


          LaToya Thompson

          Author & Book Writing Expert

          “I am extremely clear on who I need to focus my marketing efforts on and asking for specific referrals. We created my roadmap and now I have clear offers and the sales practice was invaluable. It has made me more confident in my sales conversations. I still refer to my roadmap to keep me focused and remind me of where I’m going.”


          Jackie Wheeler

          Stylist & Branding Expert

          “The sales lab helped me stop fumbling around trying to “figure out” what to offer clients and how to price it. I now have a plan I review daily. I’ve started taking action on what I learned through the sales lab. I feel energized and confident to go after my revenue goals this year!”


          Kendra Tillman

          Empowerment Coach

          Dr. Nadia


          Dr. Nadia

          At the Doyenne Agency, we partner with consultants and service-based professionals who want more-than-enough income every single month. What’s our secret sauce? Helping each business owner create and customize a simple, doable sales system based on their situation, goals, and values. Along the way, we support them in developing the skills and finesse required to consistently close business with class, and go with them as they practice, learn, and grow into the leader they are here to be, in sales and in life.

          I look forward to seeing you at the Convert Lab and helping you create more-than-enough in your business!