3 Lessons from The Founders of Bella Boss Box

Continuing the spirit of Women’s History Month, I’ve been seeking out insight and inspiration from some of the most influential women in my life. One of the most thought-provoking conversations I’ve had recently was an interview I did with two of my close friends and professional peers, Nakita Pope and Nikki Taylor of Bella Boss Box. Here are a few valuable takeaways from that conversation that I think are important for any self-employed professional to keep in mind as they start and grow their business.

Three Key Takeaways

1. How you started isn’t always how you finish. You often hear stories about how hard it is to start a business – gaining that initial momentum and bringing in enough income to support yourself. But no one ever really talks about those times when things suck despite success. If you feel like the way you’ve been doing things is no longer working, it’s okay to pivot. In fact, it’s encouraged. Whether it’s delegating certain tasks to qualified team members or discontinuing something you’ve been doing altogether, give yourself the permission to experiment and do things differently.

2. Community is so important. You may have heard the adage, “Your net worth is in your network.” This is so true, but not just in the context it’s usually thrown around: having a community to promote and provide support for your business. While that’s important, a solid group of friends can be a godsend for your personal wellbeing, too. Especially when times get tough, it’s invaluable to have people you can commiserate, bounce ideas around, or simply unplug with to help you keep pushing forward.

3. Commit to your big vision & legacy. When you really get your sales down and begin generating consistent revenue, it opens up the time freedom to begin creating a legacy. Your legacy goes beyond your family or your business, also speaking to your larger values – the impact, influence, and knowledge that live on even when you’re long gone. As you’re thinking about growth and scale in your business, I encourage you to identify what it is you really want to leave behind. That’s ultimately what you should be working for.

Additional Resources

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